Saturn Retrograde in Pisces Horoscopes – June 17, 2023

Saturn Retrograde in Pisces Horoscopes – June 17, 2023

Saturn retrograde 2023 is on its way and is here to help you learn that personal growth is just as vital as financial growth in our human lived experience. In Astrology, Saturn is often referred to as the planet of Karma – so what does that mean for us when it goes retrograde?

We’ve all heard of Mercury retrograde 2023, and maybe you recently read about Pluto retrograde 2023 – but Saturn retrograde 2023 is about to shake things up with its own unique planetary power.

Saturn embodies all the trappings of being a grown-up – such as ambition, productivity, and achievements on a measurable scale. It’s also the planet of terms and conditions, rules and regulations, and discipline, control, and authority.

Saturn rules the parts of our lives that are mature and serious, such as responsibility and denial. This is the planet that makes us lock the door at night and hide our valuables in safe places. Saturn is the reason we stop drinking at 30 and join the gym at 50. Thoughts and behaviors that call on us to be sensible and ‘act our age’ are rooted in Saturn’s embrace.

Saturn Retrograde Horoscopes


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