Taurus 2020 February Monthly Horoscope

Taurus 2020 February Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF FEB 2020: The moon is in your sensory sign on the first couple of days of February, so you’ll be focused on having your needs met. Of course, you can take care of business yourself, but it’s so much more fun when someone else helps. Luckily, you know when to take advantage of a situation and when to rely on your own abilities.

Your home planet Venus moves into fiery Aries on the seventh, causing some disruption in your peaceful life. Just when things have been going according to plan, this transit could cause you to veer off course. Getting out of your routine and doing something spontaneously can shake things up in a good way, though.

A full moon in dramatic Leo on February 8 brings good balance to the rather aloof energy of the Aquarius sun and shows you how to be a more exuberant, outgoing version of yourself. This lunation reminds you that it’s OK to live large and loud, and to express what’s in your heart.

A square between your home planet Venus and lucky Jupiter on the twenty-third brings a lighthearted vibe, but problems arise when you’re so busy having fun that you forget about your responsibilities. It’s okay to party and have a good time, but don’t do it to excess.


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