Taurus 2020 January Monthly Horoscope

Taurus 2020 January Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF JAN 2020: The emotional moon spends time in your patient sign starting on January 4, allowing you time to settle into a new routine for the year. Be gentle with and accepting of yourself, Taurus, as you learn to navigate the waters of the new year. No one else as it all figured out yet either!

The lunar eclipse and full moon in sensitive Cancer on the tenth bring about some intense and maybe unexpected emotions. Like most people, you strive to feel safe and secure, but being on an emotional roller coaster at times like this is inevitable. Figure out the best way to deal with things on your own, to your own satisfaction, without worrying too much about what other people think.

Your beautiful ruling planet Venus pairs up with gentle Pisces on January 13, bringing an overflow of creativity and compassion. You soften quite a bit around the edges now, and people who know you best will notice this change. You’ll struggle to find a way to help others without feeling you’re being taken advantage of, but it’s better to give everything than nothing.

A Venus-Mars square on the twenty-sixth increases aggression and can cause rifts in your close relationships, especially romantic ones. Power struggles are inevitable as tension grows. Do your best to practice self-control. Walk away and take a break if necessary.


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