Taurus February 2018 Love Horoscope

Taurus February 2018 Love Horoscope

It’s time to plant seeds and decide what you want to create in your career, as the New Moon in Aquarius is in your 10th house. While you do value your physical and emotional comforts above all else, this New Moon triggers the part of you that’s ready to make changes that are long overdue.

And you know how you LOVE changes. Just kidding! You know better than anyone else that it takes a lot for you to make changes that disturb your sense of comfort, but when you do, there’s no stopping you – kind of like a steamroller or mack truck.

What adds to this need to bust out of what confines and restricts you is that Venus, your guardian angel planet, is also cycling in Aquarius now. Your eccentric friends encourage you to drop all pretenses and be who you really are, even if it means challenging the status quo and upsetting the apple cart.


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