Venus in Aries Horoscopes – February 20, 2023

Venus in Aries Horoscopes – February 20, 2023

From February 19th to Match 16th, Venus streaks through Aries, and your passions gather irresistible momentum. Flyby crushes remind you how thrilling it is to chase and be chased. For the next few weeks, life is too short for low-simmer situationships, or overthinking life’s pleasures. It’s time to grab the good things in life by the horns. To let your instincts take the wheel as you relaunch your lust for life.

Whether it’s swiping scorch marks through a dating app, taking a spontaneous road trip with your besties, or slapping paint to canvas with a palette knife, now is the moment to take some calculated risks. Lead with a spirit of carpe diem, but also check in with your nervous system before saying yes to all the tattoos at the flash sale.

In traditional astrology, Venus finds itself in detriment in Aries. A bit like an actor playing against character, the gift of this placement is friction that generates endless creative heat. Channel your inner punk and embrace the delight of rough edges. Relationships and art projects are most thrilling when they’re works-in-progress. Consider as well the ways you can deconstruct the status quo in love, art, beauty, and aesthetics. Or burn the rule book entirely. The stakes are always high in matters of the heart, but fear can be your fuel, and pluck will get you far.

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