Virgo 2019 May Monthly Love Horoscope

Virgo 2019 May Monthly Love Horoscope

MONTH OF MAY 2019: The Mercury-Saturn retrograde trine on May 2 brings an intensity that you might not have experienced in a while. When you put your love life under a microscope, do you like what you see? It might not hold up so well under the scrutiny you place on it now.

Your power planet Mercury takes a trip through stable Taurus on the sixth, so your methods of communication slow down for the next several weeks. You excel at paying attention to details now, but the Bull’s stubborn energy might not be something you’re used to dealing with.

A much more laid-back Mercury-Neptune sextile arrives on May 15, and your dreams and intuition dictate the way you communicate. You love the creativity that this aspect brings, so romantic things like writing love letters, poems, and songs for your partner or crush are effective.

The sun enters fickle Gemini on the twenty-first, making romantic decisions more difficult than usual. Is changing your mind allowed? The energy of this pairing reserves the right to bounce from one thing (or person) to another without so much as an apology. This isn’t your usual behavior, but you might enjoy the restless energy now.


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