Virgo November 2018 Horoscope

Virgo November 2018 Horoscope

Domestic bliss is about to be yours! Jupiter, the planet of “happy and jolly,” will move into your 4th House of Home, Family, and Real Estate on November 8. He’ll remain in this part of your chart until December 2, 2019, so this is absolutely a cosmic shift you’ll want to celebrate. Have you and your clan been experiencing any problems? Help is here! Jupiter will act as a protective buffer and mediator, somehow smoothing over rough edges in your family relationships so that everything gets better. Another benefit to having Jupiter here is that it will be one of the best possible times for you to move, renovate, or otherwise change your living situation. Even if it’s not more living space, you’ll experience it as a definite upsize. The happiness quotient of your living situation will improve — and that’s priceless!

Your family might also expand under this influence, so don’t be surprised if you find out that someone in your clan is expecting.

In other news, Venus will turn direct on November 16, allowing you to move forward with a major financial decision. This might be about you launching a new product or service if you’re in business for yourself. Another possibility is that you’ll finally have the confidence to market one of your talents that you used to feel like you needed to keep under wraps. Revealing this gift to the world will not only make you feel amazing, but you’ll soon realize that it has been a branch on your personal money tree all along.

You’re definitely moving on up in career matters as well this month, Virgo. A Full Moon at the top of your chart on November 23 will leave you in the spotlight. All eyes are on you and guess what everyone is seeing? Success.

Mercury, your ruler, will turn retrograde on November 16 and will remain so until December 6, mainly in your 4th house. This might not be such a bad thing this time around, Virgo. You might actually reconnect with family members you’ve been out of touch with for a while. In fact, a reunion now will be healing, especially with Jupiter hanging around the same part of your chart. Wow!


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