Weekly Love Horoscope October 7 – 13

Weekly Love Horoscope October 7 – 13

Aries Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 7, 2019: Love? Yes — your week is full of love. One little thing, though: it’s not of the romantic variety. On Monday, you love what you do: your job (dorky as that sounds). You’ve staked your reputation on certain goals of yours, and you’ve been achieving those goals, no sweat. Tuesday and Wednesday you cross another couple things off your list. It feels so, so good. Thursday and Friday you’re around friends you love. You have a serious platonic crush on your best pal, who’s more fun to spend an afternoon with than almost any date would be. On a hike this weekend, you stop and think, ‘I love this.’

Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 7, 2019: Either you are standing in an airport with a bag at your feet on Monday or you are imagining you are standing in an airport with a bag at your feet, because you wish you were going somewhere. (And why not go somewhere? Oh, you have to work? Bummer.) Tuesday and Wednesday, expect a struggle with your boss (or, if you are traveling, maybe a hotel employee). Thursday or Friday, if you-know-who backs out of a date, call someone else. Even going out with a friend you don’t know well yet is better than going solo. This weekend, you wonder about your future with you-know-who.

Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 7, 2019: This person wants to say something, but you have no idea how to make them comfortable enough to say it. Obviously, you’re hoping they’ll say they’re madly in love with you but insanely shy. How cute would that be? Alternately, they could feel the other way. Alternately, they could be Batman. You just have no idea. Engage them intellectually on Wednesday and you might have one of those wandering conversations you can then steer into whatever territory you like. By Thursday, it will be too late: All communication will be shot for about 48 hours. Your phone starts ringing again this weekend.

Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 7, 2019: If you’re not literally listening to music by Modest Mouse on Monday, then you’re at least feeling modest and mouse-sized. You spend the day in your hole in the baseboard. It’s comfy in there. Tuesday and Wednesday you get some sunlight and even some interaction with other people. Talk about current events and sports scores, not hopes and dreams. Hopes and dreams are what you think and talk about on Thursday and Friday. You’re also thinking about your love life. This weekend, impress someone with your memory.

Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 7, 2019: Don’t hold forth on Monday. Don’t lean into the microphone and say, ‘Is this thing on?’ before you start talking. Just be direct. Tell your friends and/or coworkers what you’re thinking. And listen. That’s especially important. Tuesday and Wednesday, it’s possible that you’re still dealing with an unresolved but pretty much no-longer-ongoing romantic situation. Confusing. Cutting the strings entirely would certainly lessen the confusion. It’s something to get advice from friends about. Grab a bucket and collect lots of advice on Thursday and Friday and sort through it this weekend.

Virgo Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 7, 2019: On Monday, you and you-know-who are skipping around on top of an enormous chocolate cake, swiping your fingers through the frosting, feeding it to each other. Possibly this is all taking place in your imagination. In any case, the romantic theme that dominates Monday does not last very far into the week. It barely lasts into Tuesday. Wednesday is strictly a taking-care-of-business day, and Thursday are Friday are, well, more of the same. And while you like taking care of business and all, the freedom of the weekend is supremely satisfying this week.

Libra Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 7, 2019: You should just sleep through Monday. Not that it’ll be a particularly bad day, but it’s not going to be the best day, and you’re going to want to get enough rest for Tuesday and Wednesday. You and you-know-who (if you don’t know who, someone’s about to walk into your life) will be spending a lot of time together, at least if the stars have anything to do with it. Thursday and Friday you have to return to the real world, but there are still glimmers of the romantic narrative along the edges everything you do. This weekend? More of you and you-know-who.

Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 7, 2019: The fires of romance don’t really get burning until Thursday or Friday this week, so spend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday getting things done. On Monday, the things you’re doing are job-related (or at least paperwork-related). Tuesday and Wednesday your challenges are in dealing with people interpersonally. (There’s a good chance that a neighbor or relative is making you crabby.) Then, Thursday, like a bolt from the blue! Suddenly you’re in a music video, or a musical — dancing around and singing. Friday’s a blast too. This weekend, keep your heart rate up at the gym.

Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 7, 2019: Sometimes (like on Monday) your direct manner and general unflappability lead you straight into situations you don’t entirely understand, or parties where you know almost no one. By Wednesday, you’re a seasoned veteran at talking to total strangers and getting them interested in you. (It’s quite possible they’re romantically interested, so if you’re already taken, make that clear.) Thursday and Friday, listening to someone talk about their past makes you long for your youth. But only in an abstract way. You’re happy where you are. Where you are this weekend is in someone else’s arms. Aww.

Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 7, 2019: You continue to impress the person you’re dating or are married to, and they say something to this effect on Monday. ‘You’re a rock star,’ maybe. Or, ‘I’m amazed by you quite a lot.’ Depending on how they talk. You love the way they talk. But you have little time to dwell on all the things they say and do Tuesday and Wednesday, what with new, suddenly pressing career-related matters weighing on you. Thursday and Friday, practice your hand at something creative — even if it’s just a funny email. Saturday and Sunday, your family’s on your mind.

Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 7, 2019: You’re tired on Monday, but chin up. There’s stuff to do! (Although if you can sneak in a nap later in the day, you totally should. At the very least, get to bed early.) Tuesday and Wednesday are the exact opposite. You have so much energy you don’t know what to do with yourself. Leaving a cute voicemail every hour on the hour for you-know-who only takes up so much time. What else? Oh, yes — work! Inspiring colleagues, getting things done. You make it seem so easy. Thursday and Friday require more effort, but it’s nothing too noticeable. Your weekend’s day-dreamy.

Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 7, 2019: It’s not a romantic week for you, although chances are good that you’ll be thinking about love a lot. Monday is about allies — maybe someone you know works somewhere or can get you something (an introduction to someone else, some good advice). Tuesday and Wednesday your personal interests are replaced entirely by an interest in helping a friend who’s struggling. Or moving. Thursday and Friday, give your humanitarian efforts a rest and pick up a book you’ve been meaning to get to, or throw a Frisbee with someone. This weekend, you’re immersed in something.


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