What Does This New Moon in Virgo Mean (August 30 ’19)

What Does This New Moon in Virgo Mean (August 30 ’19)

At 3:37 a.m. on August 30, the full moon will be in Virgo.

There’s no time like a new moon to update your wishlist. But at the Virgo new moon, it’s not just wishful thinking—it’s practical magic!

Virgo may not seem like much of a dreamer, but it’s arguably the most idealistic of all the signs; it’s simply more conscious of the gap between ideals and reality, and the often-painstaking efforts required to narrow it. Fortunately, though, this persistent sign is perfectly suited to the task.


With six bodies in Virgo right now (including the sun and moon, three planets, and one asteroid), even those of us with no planets in the mutable earth sign can use its problem-solving powers to transform conditions in our day-to-day lives.



Just a few little tweaks, Aries, that’s all your career needs in order to start flowing and growing. And we bet you know exactly what they are. Tend to those nitty-gritty details and get set to welcome greater abundance and success—whatever that means to you.


Follow your muse, Taurus! Every day, it seems you’re discovering new outlets for self-expression and recreating yourself in the process. Let your inspired creations speak for themselves, and your passion for the work sustain you—even if no one else seems to get it yet.


Back to basics, Gemini! As much as you’ve got going on out in the world, it’s your home life that really sets you up for success. And at this new moon, you’re challenged to simplify your life in ways that support greater health, wellbeing, and clarity.


The head and the heart: Cancer, your best decisions have always been made when the two are working together. This new moon helps you find clarity around missteps you’ve made in the past and use those new insights to make better choices going forward.


It’s a gift to be simple, Leo. But with all the other gifts you’ve been given, it’s not always easy staying down-to-earth. Giving something back is a great place to start! At this new moon, recommit to handling your money, resources, and influence with humility and integrity.


Ready for an upgrade, Virgo? By now you’ve mastered the art of surviving, but it’s time you started thriving. Commit to carving out more time and space in your life for the things you love to do. The pleasure is well-deserved and long-overdue!


Thoughts become things, Libra. But it’s not always easy to tell which ideas are our own, and which we’ve internalized from other people. Before setting an intention this month, take some time out to connect with your inner wisdom. What’s at the top of your wish list?


“Trust no one:” Scorpio, that’s been your mantra in the past. But if you ever want to find your tribe, you’ll have to let your guard down just a little. You can start by trusting yourself to discern between those who have good intentions and those who don’t.


Fear or love, Sag: with career decisions looming, which will you choose? Of course, you’ve got to pay the bills. But some of your practical or realistic concerns may just be convenient excuses to avoid committing to the work you’ve been called to do.


Your sense of self is solid as a rock, Capricorn, but it doesn’t have to be set in stone. This new moon is a potent one for broadening your horizons in every way, from travel to education to spirituality to relationships. Open up and let the world in!


Your space is sacred, Aquarius. And whether we’re talking about physical space or psychic space, you’ve got every right to be selective about who and what you allow into it. Maintaining healthy energetic boundaries is the most compassionate thing you can do for yourself—and maybe others, too.


Anyone can talk the talk, Pisces—you’re more interested in walking the walk. And the more you come into your own integrity, the less room you have in your life for people who fall short of that standard. Focus on the ones who bring out your best.


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