What Kind Of Energy You Give Off Based On Your Birth Month

What Kind Of Energy You Give Off Based On Your Birth Month

Each month carries its unique energy and character. The birth month leaves a distinctive mark on personalities, as it brings forth individual traits and tendencies. From infectious warmth to a passionate quest for freedom, from a positive approach to problem-solving to a resolute focus on goals, each month’s energy sets people apart with its distinctive essence. Some exude contagious warmth and readily attract others, while others embody a free-spirited nature, driven by a desire for independence and individuality. There are those who approach challenges with a positive outlook, inspiring those around them, and then there are the determined souls who keep their eyes on the prize. Throughout the year, these diverse personalities showcase a spectrum of colors and textures. Now, let’s explore the characteristics of individuals born under the influence of each month’s unique energy.

January: Contagious Energy

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean people don’t feel the warmth of your personality and are instantly attracted to you. You love to make new friends and are constantly supporting their endeavors, no matter how large they may seem. Optimism is all part of your charm, and after they see how far you’ve made it in life, people naturally follow your lead. This enthusiasm can rub off on people around them, and they spread happiness wherever they go.

February: Free-spirited Energy

With February being the shortest month, you’ll have an excuse to be everyone’s favorite rebel. In your life, you thrive off of freedom, and anything that could lead to you feeling locked down, you flee from. Some people may view this as being selfish; however, that isn’t the case. People who are born in February refuse to be tamed by the opinions or desires of others. Being such a free-spirited individual is due to their intellect and love of abstract thoughts, and anything that would detour them will be swiftly shifted out of their lives.

March: Positive Energy

Spring is a time for new beginnings, so it’s appropriate that people who are born in March have such a successful track record. At times, people born in March prefer to bottle up their feelings due to the fact that they don’t want to “inconvenience” their loved ones. People who are born in March rarely panic during the toughest situations. Instead, you will find them trying to solve problems through a positive approach and bringing that to any conflict that arises.

April: Focused Energy

They don’t say April showers bring May flowers for nothing! People who are born in April have a knack for seeing situations that could derail their plans due to their observant nature. It could be their stubbornness that keeps them so focused, because truly, who needs anyone’s input when they’re so successful? When you’re around them, it means business. They want thoughts and deep conversation to lead to action.

May: Golden Retriever Energy

Someone who is born in May radiates good vibes. Everyone wants to be their friend, and they want to be their friend too! There’s something about having a sense of security around them because they form bonds that are extremely personal. We all lead an enjoyable, smooth-sailing lifestyle, and that’s where it gets tricky for those born in May. Any disruption to their positive energy can cause them to spiral.

June: Chaotic Energy

People born in June keep people on their toes. Indecisive is the easiest way you could describe it to a friend, but from the outside eye, it could look like a tornado of chaos. However, their charm is infectious. Those born in June have no limits to their boundless energy, which can be overwhelming to someone of a reserved nature.

July: BDE

Those who are born in July are born with a special energy that has only one way to be described. big d*ck energy. It has everything to do with their confidence level. People who are born in July radiate self-confidence and have the natural talent to live life without proving themselves to others. They have a mission to do great things in their lives, and that’s why it’s easy for them to have a large group of supporters by their side.

August: Standoffish Energy

Those born in August would say they’re not standoffish; they’re selective. They live their lives to the fullest, and that means FOMO is no problem for them. People born in August typically keep it cool and don’t really feel the need to reach out and make new friends. They’re perfectly happy with the friends they’ve got, as their small circles make them feel right at home.

September: Comforting Energy

Nobody hates conflict as much as someone born in September. Those born in September have a tendency to be people pleasers and try to keep their fuses calm in any situation they get. A person born in September tries to find joy in every little thing, which more often than not paves the way for long-term success. Their energy is infectious, and friends will go to them as a one-man support group that everyone needs once in a while.

October: Eeyore Energy

Those born in October are careful thinkers. It isn’t that they’re necessarily pessimistic humans to get this title, but every choice that someone born in October will make will be taken with careful consideration. When others may break down in frustration, they typically take this in stride. Someone who is born in October has the ability to see all the potential obstacles in the future, no matter how slowly it takes them to get to that conclusion.

November: Adventurous Energy

Someone born in November doesn’t fit in with any particular social group and marches to the beat of their own drum. Those born in November recognize that nothing will be perfect the first time around because mistakes make the best lessons. They typically have friends from each experience they make in their lives, due to their ability to thrive in large group settings and their tendency to keep the party going and everyone else around them on their toes.

December: Welcoming Energy

People who are born in December naturally attract others to their lives because that is what they seek. Those born in December excel at taking the time to acknowledge that each individual is on this earth together, so we might as well make the most of it. They see the good in everyone and will take the time to notice something good about someone and tell them. In life, they like to feel included, and they would never want anyone to feel left in the dark.


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