What Will Bring Jupiter to Capricorn

What Will Bring Jupiter to Capricorn

Jupiter has brought good things to you in the past months, and his passage into a new part of heaven is not absolutely bad for you. In fact, this planet is positioned behind you waiting to arrive in your sky at the end of the year 2019. So you have already understood that this year is a year of great preparation From November 2018 to December 2019 you have to think about all the new things to do in your life for the next few years. During these months other professional and economic successes can also come, which bring a lot of stability thanks to Saturn, which is in trigon and makes the times ripe for excellent confirmation on the job. The money increases in your pockets especially if you are a freelancer and various agreements and contracts can be stipulated and signed at any time but especially in late December and early January 2019.

If you are still looking for a good job then the commitment must be a lot but we can assure that some opportunities will come out right during the passage of Jupiter that takes place in November 2018. Excellent winter time to improve family relationships but also with new colleagues and that depend a lot on your particular character always very isolated and not very expansive but you must have extreme trust. But also the sentimental sector is really positive in this period because even if Jupiter does not support the new love unions, new cohabitations, new friendships, however Saturn makes your love life really very stable and based on the seriousness of the relationship and its maturity. If you are still solitary hearts you do not have to be sad because during the year and especially during Genaio 2018, near your birthday, you could meet a person who will make your heart beat faster. Your life is about to change and even if in these months you are not very convinced of this, you just have to wait for the next year.


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