What Will Bring Jupiter to Gemini

What Will Bring Jupiter to Gemini

Unfortunately the planet of fortune is positioned on the opposite side of your sky and therefore from November does not start a wonderful period for you. It must be said, however, that Jupiter is never an evil planet, but simply when its planetary aspects are not favorable, they can lead to an xtremely complex period in every sector but above all a period in which deluding oneself can be very risky. First of all, in these months we must avoid making important agreements, concluding financial transactions and giving trust to people you do not know. Someone can in fact make a proposal that seems to be very advantageous but that unfortunately is not absolutely interesting and can instead hide several pitfalls. Do not do projects where you have to invest a lot of money and try to avoid quarrels with someone who might call you to answer before a judge or lawyer.

Very often, when Jupiter is opposite or forms a quadrature aspect, unfortunately it is possible to suffer a lawsuit, have bureaucratic problems, be damaged by someone and therefore we must move forward with great caution. In addition, Jupiter in opposition can lead to many expenses, expenses connected with the house, with legal disputes but also with unpaid bills and therefore related to fines that can arrive especially in summer. But this astral condition can also lead to a period of great psychic suffering, to a period when your mind is no longer positive and optimistic and perhaps this would be the best thing because when you are optimistic you risk giving trust to extremely dangerous people who can delude yourself and damage you. Love can be very complicated to live and these months will not be ideal to go to live or get married and indeed the risk of separation will be quite likely, so be very careful not to fight.


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