What Will Bring Jupiter to Leo

What Will Bring Jupiter to Leo

Jupiter finally forms a beautiful appearance of trine to your sky and confirms a second part of the year really excellent. In fact, the second part of 2018, thanks to this new planetary transition, is wonderful for you. The trigon of Jupiter above all makes you much more serene, happier and more optimistic but the most important thing is that now you feel within you a strong need to change and try new career paths, professional in your life. The sky is really very positive at work and new ideas can allow you to earn a lot of money especially if you are a freelancer and if you want to invest money or maybe buy a house, then you can take advantage of the central part of the new year 2019 and therefore the summer months.

Meanwhile, towards the end of this 2018 begins, for many of you, also a new path on a sentimental level. Within you you want to change everything and therefore also your love life. Many of you will want to get married, go to live together or even already thinking about having a new child. All of these events are likely in your life even if only some of these could happen. The work improves sharply and you can earn more money but the important thing is that if you do not have a job, then Jupiter can bring very good opportunities, calls, interviews, then first study, do exams, send curriculum to be ready when opportunities come. Interesting the months of November and December 2018 to be able to start again with new projects that will develop during the new year 2019 and especially in summer. Even the trine of Jupiter can lead to break all those sentimental relationships that have become useless because this planet means not only luck but also liberation from professional, family and sentimental slavery.


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