What Will Bring Jupiter to Taurus:

What Will Bring Jupiter to Taurus:

For you finally the sky is clear because Jupiter is no longer opposed by November and then you can breathe a sigh of relief, hoping that the past months have not created too much damage in your life. Jupiter that is no longer the opposite means greater sense of freedom, disappearing illusions, deception and scams in which it is now difficult to fall. Many of you have had legal and bureaucratic problems but now every situation can be resolved slowly and you could also find a good solution, a very advantageous solution for you. Lost documents, wrong investments made in the last year and many expenses. Unfortunately, these things do not come back but from November of this year things change and thanks to Saturn, you can return to smile but above all you can return to make very important life projects and financial investments that in the past it was not possible to implement.

Certainly the new passage of Jupiter is not very positive, in the sense that it does not bring so many advantages but simply free your mind and your existential journey from some obstacles that many people have created not a few damages. From the first months of transit and therefore in the months of November and December 2018, you will feel much better, the esteem will grow inside you and your mind will be much more positive and optimistic, trying to think in the future in a more serene way. In these months, but especially in August, September and October of the year 2019, new job offers can be reached, new opportunities to earn money and also the possibility to start a collaboration, a company or, on a sentimental level, to start a new relationship of love. If your romantic story did not close in the months of 2018 then the probability of recovering is very good.


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