What Your Attachment Style Might Be, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What Your Attachment Style Might Be, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Think about how you are in your relationships. Do you often feel anxious or like you can’t trust your partner? Are you maybe a bit dismissive and refuse to let anyone in? Or, are you secure and confident in yourself and your relationships?

Let’s talk about attachment styles. There are four types: secure, anxious, fearful-avoidant, and dismissive-avoidant.

Secure attachment means there is no insecurity, no jealousy, and no anxiety. You are confident and comfortable in your relationship and you and your partner trust one another. Anxious attachment means you are quite fearful and insecure. You don’t fully trust your partner and you don’t feel fully comfortable in the relationship.

Fearful-avoidant often means you are at war with yourself (and your partner, even) in the relationship. There are some complicated, mixed feelings: I don’t like you, but also please don’t leave me. Dismissive-avoidant means you refuse to let anyone in. You are aloof and would rather be alone by choice than be abandoned.

Secure Attachment


It takes a while for a reserved and stubborn Taurus to open up emotionally. They will only show love for someone when that person can prove themselves worthy. When they’re in a relationship, they can be secure and confident in it, just because it took so long for them to build it up anyway.


They put a lot of thought into their relationships. They won’t let in just anyone — they have to fully trust someone before they can let down their emotional walls. But when they do, it’s solid. They’re quite secure in their relationship and their own sense of self.


This water sign has no problem being in a position to be vulnerable. They are very in tune with their emotions and don’t mind talking about their anxieties or doubts as a means of making the relationship work. They feel pretty secure in themselves and their partnerships.

Anxious Attachment


This water sign is very loving and nurturing. However, they still don’t like to get close to people for fear that they might be hurt or left alone. And when they’re hurt, they close themselves off. They become anxious messes and would rather retreat into their homes and not deal with anything or anyone.


Virgos often get in their own heads. They overthink a lot and tend to be quite anxious. They are highly critical of themselves and others, often nitpicking flaws and looking at the worse case scenarios. When it comes to relationships, they always find a reason to doubt themselves and the other person.


Libras strive for balance in a relationship. They are constantly trying to find that happy medium of being with someone but also being alone. They also fear that they might be doing the most or not enough, and it can be a bit overwhelming and anxiety-inducing. Just because they strive for balance and peace doesn’t mean they always have it.

Fearful-Avoidant Attachment


Geminis can be quite wishy-washy and indecisive, especially with their feelings. One moment they will be clingy and attached to their partner’s hip, and the next, wanting their alone time. They have a hard time finding that happy medium in their relationship.


Scorpios can be quite mysterious and secretive, holding their cards close to their chest. It takes a while for them to trust someone enough to open up to them. When they do though, they can be quite possessive. Any sign of distrust and the Scorpio will pack up their things and go.


Leos know what they want and deserve and won’t settle for anything less than that. However, because they are a very loving, passionate sign, they still put themselves out there. They fear rejection, so oftentimes, they don’t let their emotional walls come down at all.

Dismissive-Avoidant Attachment


To an Aquarius, showing emotions are a sign of weakness. They would rather keep to themselves and do things on their own. Relationships aren’t really a priority for them — in fact, they look at it as something that is just going to slow down their growth. They just… could not be bothered.


If there is one sign that doesn’t like to be tied down, it’s Sagittarius. They like making their own decisions and doing their own thing and don’t want to be bothered by emotions or another person. They’ll avoid relationships altogether simply for that reason.


In an Aries’ mind, they are #1. They know their worth and won’t settle for anything less. Because of that, they won’t be in a relationship with just anyone. In fact, they won’t be in a relationship at all unless it’s something they think is worth their time and energy.


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