Why You’re Still Thinking About Them, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Why You’re Still Thinking About Them, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You couldn’t stay mad at them.

We’ve all seen that explanation of the hot-to-crazy double-axis chart, Aries, but this was not a case of that. It was something about the chemistry between you two. The way they knew how to test you, to push your buttons in a way that was so undeniably masterful it turned you on. You couldn’t even look at them with a straight face without wanting to laugh or start kissing them. Whatever the reason that drove you apart, your anger has given way, and you’ve forgotten the reason it all started in the first place. You even feel like you may actually owe them an apology instead. So make the decision. Either fess up and be the bigger person or decide it’s finally time to move on.


They had a nostalgic quality.

Something about this person reminds you of childhood, Taurus. Maybe it’s a friend or family member you were especially close to. Maybe it’s just the childlike thoughts and feelings you had before you knew what self-doubt was. They took some kind of weight off your shoulders, the societal pressure that drags you down most in your day to day grind. They lifted you up and made you feel like the dreams of your younger years were still possible. You still think of them because there is something in the lesson they taught you that you still need to confront or address. Something you need to mourn, something you regret, something you still have time to change if you act now. When you think about them, you’re really thinking of the way they were able to make you see yourself.


They saw through you.

You loved the intuition they had with you, Gemini. The way they could just watch you in any setting and figure out exactly what you were thinking. You like to feel like a puzzle, and you liked it even more that someone took the time and the effort to solve you. It felt special, because it’s not something that happens often. And the reason you keep thinking about them is because you’re avoiding the hard questions—what makes you so hard to crack in the first place? Are you surrounding yourself with people who don’t have the capacity to understand you? Are you intentionally withholding the aspects of yourself you like the most? You’re focusing on external factors that affected how you felt instead of the actions you can take to transform the way you feel from the inside out.


They made you dream.

You couldn’t help it, Cancer—whenever you were around them, you could see tomorrow, the next weekend, your next birthday, the next year, and even though it’s hard to admit, a life with them. And it wasn’t just you—these dreams didn’t exist in a vacuum. The scenes in your imagination played out because you had the conversations to go along with them. You talked about the maybe’s and the what ifs. The reason you’re still thinking about them is because they, or more likely both of you, could never get past the hypotheticals and say “I want you, right now, in this moment, today.” It’s a lot harder to put yourself out that way, because when all you talk about is someday, you’re really just delaying the possibility of rejection.


They were cool.

In a legitimate and undeniable way. The kind of way you may have never seen in person before, Leo. They felt like something out of a magazine, or an old Hollywood movie. They oozed charm, but in a way that made it clear they didn’t care what you or anyone else thought of them. And in your life, where you can’t help but see and be seen, you long to possess that above-it-all, je ne sais quoi quality. And you still think of them because there’s no outfit you could put on, no perfume you could spray, no filter you could apply to truly feel that original. And maybe that’s the problem. You’re thinking about them because you see the choices you’ve been making lately are coming from a place of inauthenticity, of trying to replicate something that’s already been done.


They got crumbs on your couch, but did it in such a cute way you couldn’t even be mad about it.

Let me be crystal clear: We know, Virgo. You vacuumed the couch, inside of the couch, and then washed the blanket, but now that your honor has been defended, the important part here is that you. felt. something. It was in the way they were so comfortable around you. So at home in your space. So anxiety free and open. Like they had known you all along. Like they weren’t worried about making a good impression. It made you feel all of those things too. You cut them some slack because of the warmth it made you feel. The ease. And the reason you keep thinking about them is that when it comes down to brass tacks all of this order, all of this obsession with perfection is to create a facade of “okayness”, when you are anything but okay. And it felt good not to have to pretend for once.


You couldn’t tell what they were going to say next.

You pride yourself on being a judge of good character, Libra. You know what to expect from people, and it means you can count on those around you. But every once in a while you love a good loose cannon. You think about them because you like how they weren’t afraid to bring up a controversial topic, to speak without the fear of offending or being chastised. The confidence that their voice, their mind had a value that needed no apology. You still think about them every time you bite your own tongue, every time you find yourself in a dull group of people making small talk. The reason you can’t forget about them is the same reason your mind feels like it’s about to explode with unexpressed thoughts and feelings. It’s time to ditch the filter.


They stuck by you.

This person built a cadence with you, Scorpio. A ritual of regular contact. Of inside jokes and check ins. Little texts, memes, music. It had the same effect as a hand on your shoulder, a smile, or a well-timed wink. Subtle moments of connection that said, “I’m here.” The same way you build up trust with an animal by taking up space around them without making a direct approach. They were taking their time. Playing the long game. But something interrupted them. Whether it was a misunderstanding, the wrong timing, or simply you pushing them away before they could get too close, you’re still thinking about them because you miss the attention (obviously), but also the companionship and dependability. The question is whether you will put your pride aside to tell them. To give them credit for the effort they already put in or continuing to suffer in silence. The choice is ultimately yours.


They brought out your serious side.

They were secure, Sagittarius. Secure in a way that made you feel like you didn’t have to hide behind humor. Didn’t have to dumb yourself down or downplay your achievements to make them comfortable around you. You could bring up the weird rabbit holes your mind goes down when you spend too much time thinking of how weird human beings and man-made systems really are. And they didn’t judge you for it. They actually had had similar thoughts of their own, and the two of you felt a little less alone for confessing this to each other. You still think about them because they made you realize your class clown origins are rooted in a desire for attention and approval, except now you want those things for your mind and not just your wit.


They thought you were fun.

You’re sick of being seen as the responsible one, Capricorn. If one more person in the thread calls you the “mom” of the group, however well intentioned they might be, you’re going to blow your literal top. You still think about this person because they loved your ideas, had never been to the places you showed them or seen the movies you made them watch. You basically opened their eyes to a whole new world of culture and taste they had never known, and you enjoyed the appreciation and gratitude they bestowed upon you. You liked being a source of knowledge and entertainment for a change. This person showed you it’s okay to be the center of attention, that you have to stop worrying about upstaging everyone and have your moment sometimes.


They taught you something new.

You’re so inquisitive, Aquarius—you’re always seeking knowledge in different aspects of your life. You always have the breaking news in your social circle, and no one is more up to date on current events than you are. But you’re still thinking about this person because they were able to share their area of expertise with you. Something you knew nothing about but found interesting because they did, because they were able to show and persuade you what was so special about it. And the reason they keep coming to mind is that you don’t find this level of enthusiasm to be common. You need to seek out people who have true passions in life. You may be on the cusp of discovering a new passion yourself or be repressing one you’re afraid to fully embrace.


They healed a part of you that was hurting.

You told them a story, Pisces. One you usually only tell people who have known you for years. A story that usually gets you all choked up mid-sentence. But telling them was somehow effortless, and the pain that usually accompanied the remembrance of this event had somehow dissipated, no longer had the power to make you relive it all over again. It was now in the past, where it belongs, and you felt so much lighter for it. Something about this person had healed that little corner of your soul, of your childhood, of your life. And you can’t stop thinking about them because of the gratitude you feel for their help—and the love that was their way of helping you.


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