Zodiacs Ranked From Complete Commitment Phobes To Serial Monogamists

Zodiacs Ranked From Complete Commitment Phobes To Serial Monogamists

1. Sagittarius

The Sagittarius has a heightened sense of curiosity, which means when it comes to relationships they’re the type to constantly see what else is out there. They fear commitment because they think love with one person will be monotonous and they’re terrified of being bored.

2. Leo

The independent and adventurous Leo fears commitment because they’re afraid a relationship will drain energy from their life, rather than add to it. They need to be the leader, so they’ll only date someone who allows them to do so, but they also need their independence. The combination of desired independence and tendency to take control makes them apprehensive to commit. They’re loyal when in love, but falling in love for them might not be worth the risk.

3. Gemini

Geminis are natural flirts. They’re good with people, and they like variety which means they’re good with a variety of people. They don’t jump into a relationship unless they find someone who meets all of their requirements, and a Gemini maintains high standards.

4. Pisces

Pisces are really approachable, and they enjoy meeting all different kinds of people. They steer more towards short-term relationships simply because they’re free spirits and they don’t want that spirit to be tamed, and because they want to discover all love has to offer them, and that’s usually not discovered from one monogamous relationship.

5. Taurus

A Taurus doesn’t have trouble being committed once in a relationship, but they do have trouble trusting someone enough to let that commitment begin. Lots of Taurus find themselves single not because they like to play the field, but because they’re hesitant to settle down. They think everyone will break their heart simply because its been broken before.

6. Aries

Aries are not hesitant to show their feelings when it comes to romance. They’re completely comfortable in telling someone they’re interested. The Aries is fearless in love, which puts them right in the middle of commitment phobe and serial monogamist. They’re not afraid of commitment, but their adventurous side makes them unafraid of being single just the same.

7. Scorpio

The Scorpio does well with commitment because they’re EXTREMELY faithful to the ones they love. They just have trouble trusting someone to give them that same faithfulness in return. Similar to the Taurus, they’re careful in love. They give a love that is consistent and filling, but they have definitely have some deep-rooted trust issues.

8. Aquarius

Aquarius are willing to settle down because they’re very sensible. If they find someone who they enjoy spending time with, someone who can satisfy them both physically and intellectually, they have no problem committing to them. For the Aquarius it doesn’t make sense to deny feelings out of fear. Commitment doesn’t scare them.

9. Cancer

Cancer doesn’t think of relationships in terms of risk. They’re unafraid of giving love to one person because they’re unafraid of being hurt by them. They don’t think of heartbreak when entering a relationship, they focus on all the positives, like caring for someone so deeply and being able to share their life in a way they never have before.

10. Capricorn

The Capricorn likes commitment because they’re traditional. They don’t play the games of modern dating, and they don’t date people who do. They’re practical and commitment for them just makes sense. If you love someone, let them know, if they love you back, stay with them. The practical Capricorn doesn’t know love any other way.

11. Virgo

The Virgo loves monogamy because it means more to them when one person makes them feel like everything, than when multiple partners make them feel like nothing. They like to find that one special person who they can give their whole heart to, and who will make them feel equally loved in return. Their tendency to doubt themselves as ‘un-lovable’ means they want to find the one person who can prove them wrong.

12. Libra

The Libra cannot be alone. Companionship is like air to them, they need it. Libras are the epitome of serial monogamists. Was there ever a time when they weren’t in a relationship? They make wonderful partners as they’re kind, compassionate, and fair, but they have a tendency to start relationships simply because they’re lonely.



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