Sagittarius – 2023 Love Horoscope

With the full life you live, Sagittarius, love can certainly get complicated quickly, but one of the keys to a happy love life in 2023 is keeping it simple. Let other signs immerse themselves in the drama. Although you will still welcome the challenges that love often brings, you’re ready for a less troublesome romantic life in the year ahead.

You love to date a lot of different types of people, Sagittarius, and never are you freer to do so than when Venus spends time in variety-loving Gemini from mid-April to early May.

Your curiosity knows no limits now, and conversations flow smoothly between you and someone with whom you have some pretty incredible sexual chemistry. You honestly don’t rule out dating anyone during this diverse solar energy, but air signs like nonjudgmental Libra and intelligent Aquarius are particularly captivating.

By the time the sun reaches fellow exciting fire sign Leo at the end of July, the romantic vibe is fun, warm and charming. You have an appealing personality now that’s hard to resist, so be prepared for an overwhelming number of date invitations and flirty DMs. You love to look your best now, and splurging on something to make that happen is totally supported by the Universe.

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