Libra – 2023 March Monthly Horoscope

Representatives of the zodiac sign Libra will have a string of unpleasant moments during March 2023. If, in the professional sphere, all processes will proceed more or less tolerably, with the exception of the additional work that will be fraudulently piled on your sign’s representatives, then in the social sphere, the explosion will be followed by the explosion. Strictly speaking, no one seems to commit malicious actions, but they will not be called kind either, all because Libra’s sense of humor cannot compete with the sophisticated passages in her immediate surroundings.

In fact, it will seem to their friends that they have not done anything special. Well, they were joking; big deal! You can’t take everything so literally. And Libra will have to endure it, smile, and make a contrite face about her lost sense of humor. It will be worse when someone arranges a special drawing in order to force the representatives of the Libra sign to perform certain actions against their wishes. It won’t just be a shame. In this regard, the whole of March 2023 can turn out to be a solid blow to your self-esteem. For example, someone will tell a story from their life in order to amuse or shock society, and according to the law of meanness, this story will coincide one-on-one with the situation that once happened to Libra. The funny thing is that the ill-fated narrator will not even know what kind of blow he inflicted on the representatives of the sign, because it turns out that he invented everything. That is why it is better not to arrange any proceedings, quarrels, or clarification of relations. That might become a one-way ticket to the possibility of getting into an even more stupid situation.In March, as if by agreement, once pleasant people will begin to commit acts upsetting to Libra. Even if they are directed against someone else, representatives of the sign will still be upset. It is unpleasant to be disappointed in someone you have always liked. However, on mature reflection, Libra may come to the conclusion that they were too strict, and nothing terrible happened. For this reason, it is better not to react to the situation at all or to postpone the conversation for a few days. If the indignation does not pass, it is better to express your point of view with a cool head. Even hard talk will turn out tactfully and not offensively. In general, Libra should remember that in March 2023, they should treat others the way they would like to be treated.

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