Leo – 2023 March Monthly Horoscope

An undeserved and unexpected blow is foreseen for representatives of the zodiac sign Leo in March 2023. You must be persistent, and you will also have to endure if you want to remain in control of the situation. It doesn’t make sense to rush into a fight because, in the end, the situation will turn against the Lions. The gossip will begin… Simply put, public opinion might not be on the side of the representatives of your sign. Rather, it will not be on anyone’s side at all. Other people will regard the conflict as entertainment and will begin to throw wood in the fire to stretch the pleasure. As a result, the case will suffer, and the authority of the Lions may come to an end.

It is not in the nature of your group’s representatives to listen to complaints. But in March 2023, it will be necessary to approach the incident rationally. Evaluate the enemy’s forces and do not contact them if they prevail. If an opportunity opens up to equalize the chances, then it makes sense to think through a multi-pass. This is how it will be possible to catch two birds with one stone: earn a good profit and take revenge on the offender. However, when choosing this option, Leos should keep in mind that it may take a lot of time and effort, much more than it seems at the very beginning. Perhaps it is much more profitable to give up and forget, without dwelling on the incident. By the way, it is this very line of behavior that will work in favor of the representatives of the Leo sign. In this case, public opinion will definitely be on the side of the Leos, and it is still unknown whether they will lose the collision or win it.

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