Pisces – Mercury Retrograde December 29, 2022

Mercury’s retrograde affects your networking sector this time around, which could spur run-ins with people from past chapters of your life — old colleagues, former classmates, even friends with benefits. Remember, Mercury is the trickster planet, so not every encounter is necessarily one worth putting a lot of stock into, but some might lead to a happy reconnection, productive networking, and maybe even collaboration. You’ll also be spending time on group endeavors and finding that problem-solving and revising your approach as a team enhances your ability to see eye-to-eye and to collectively move toward the finish line. And because this is also the area of your chart dedicated to long-term wishes, use this time to take stock of how far you’ve come on the ones closest to your heart. Embrace your innate desire to daydream — particularly alongside your closest friends — and you could come up with a thrilling strategy for manifesting a cherished intention.

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