Virgo – Sun in Virgo Horoscope

It’s time to practice self-love, Virgo. As your zodiacal season begins, you may not feel like your usual self despite the sun being in your first house of identity. After all, Mercury retrograde will occur in your sign, so this may amplify any anxieties that run rampant in your mind. But instead of succumbing to the same old critical outlook, think of this Mercury retrograde as a gift from the universe. You have an amazing opportunity to drastically change how you feel about yourself. As you begin to adjust your attitude toward your appearance, personality and identity, it may reflect in your relationships. Unfortunately, you may recognize that there is a connection or two that doesn’t have your best interest in mind when the Virgo sun opposes Saturn retrograde. By the end of Virgo season, try your best to disconnect from anyone who doesn’t love you or support you for who you are!

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