Scorpio – Sun in Virgo Horoscope

Having a supportive community is a must, Scorpio. While there’s no doubt that you’re strong-willed, there’s also no denying that having a community to back you is necessary to accomplish your goals. As the Virgo sun enters your eleventh house of friendship and dreams, you might be more critical of who will be by your side as you turn your dreams into a reality. Between Mercury retrograde and the sun forming an opposition with Saturn retrograde, it might become astonishingly clear who your true friends are. Aside from your connections, you may feel inclined to focus on old aspirations during Mercury retrograde. Don’t be afraid to do a little digging to see what it may entail to go after your dreams. By the end of Virgo season, you will know what you want to pursue and who will be there to cheer you on!

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