Venus in Libra Horoscopes – November 8, 2023

Venus in Libra Horoscopes – November 8, 2023

Send up the heart-shaped, helium balloons as Queen Venus hosts a homecoming parade for heartthrobs. From November 8 to December 4, 2023, she’ll float through her native sign of Libra. Cuffing season could get insanely sweeter over the next four weeks. Soulmates may finally locate one another!

Venus in Libra can weaken knees and willpower!

Elevate, luxuriate, decorate! Beauty queen Venus dons the homecoming tiara, strutting onto Libra’s native soil for her annual visit. This is home base for the love planet, which means she operates at her fullest strength here. Willpower, on the other hand, may be at its weakest while Venus is in Libra. Good luck controlling yourself in the face of temptation.

How Venus in Libra plays with your relationships

For Couples

Make your partner a priority—but not in a way that feels parental or codependent. All those “acts of service” from Venus in Virgo season may have thrown your romantic balance out of whack. Adopt a love language of co-creation. Make decisions together. Find ways to blend your talents so that you’re both contributing equally.

Make this your second, third—or fifteenth!—honeymoon phase. Push past resistance and stop keeping score. Romantic energy is contagious now—at least with the right people. The extra effort you make to tune in to your love interest can get stalled engines turning.

In a Situationship

Situationships may evolve into exclusive relationships over the coming few weeks. With Venus in gentle Libra, slow and steady devotion wins the race. Dial down the pressure, dial up the sweet gestures and charm.

For Singles

Take your time getting to know people and allow yourself to luxuriate in the slow-jamming buildup of dating. Libra weighs all options making this a great window of time to date multiple people and see what qualities each one amplifies in you.

Venus in Libra Horoscopes


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