Gemini – 2023 March Monthly Horoscope

In March 2023, representatives of the zodiac sign Gemini should take up only those cases that are of practical importance. even more than that! Your efforts are required exclusively in those areas where a quick and significant return is likely. Pretending that the result is not very important is dangerous, and, in general, it is a stupid model of behavior. The role of a brave teenager boasting of his potential is not well suited to a serious Gemini, who had made it clear to their surroundings a month earlier that they had grown up significantly. No one will believe in the new mask and will not play along. On the contrary, the gawking Gemini will cynically lose something extremely necessary right from under their noses, something like a lucrative contract or a person whom the representatives of your sign have designated as their partners, etc. In this case, you will have to trail in the dust and pick up crumbs for the winners. On the other hand, if Gemini immediately and decisively declares their rights, competitors will think three times about whether it is worth contacting them. In this case, under the conditions of serious and persistent work, the representatives of the sign are guaranteed to receive the benefits they sought. Simply put, in March, Gemini will be able to evaluate their life attitudes, performance, and the correctness of what they are doing. In general, this will be a period of consolidation before the next period of growth.

It is impractical to strive for change at this stage. Firstly, the conditions for this should mature, and secondly, Gemini themselves will not be ready to change anything in their lives yet. Representatives of your sign in March 2023 will be firmly held by unfinished business and unpaid debts. Even if it seems that the current stage has gone wrong and that it is not worth finishing what has been started, it is much easier to quit and start over. Regrettably, you left that session and will be unable to halt the process. You will have to go to the end and pray that the losses will not be too significant if we do not have to count on profit. However, even in this case, hard work can change many things. Gemini should remember that any surprises are possible while on the journey, especially if persistent efforts are made to make them favorable. One should take comfort in the fact that someday all this will be completed, and then it will be possible to start with a clean slate, taking into account the mistakes made.

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