Gemini – Mercury Retrograde December 29, 2022

As one of two signs ruled by Mercury (the other is Virgo), you’re always going to feel its effects more than most people. But you’re also super-adaptable and capable of rolling with the punches, Gemini, and you’ll want to bear that in mind particularly in terms of how you’re relating to others on a deep, emotional level during this retrograde, because it falls in your intimacy sector. This could be your moment to have an overdue heart-to-heart with your S.O. about sexual needs that haven’t been met or talk to a family member about crossing boundaries. This is also the zone dedicated to joint resources, so you can sit down with a loved one or business partner to talk through and revise that budget you’ve been wanting to flesh out. By the time your key planet moves forward on January 18, you could feel even more connected and confident about your closest bonds.

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