Sagittarius – Mercury Retrograde Horoscope

As the messenger planet moves backward through your seventh house of partnership from May 10 to 22, you’ll be meditating on the foundations of your one-on-one relationships — romantic, platonic, or professional. The big questions to ask yourself now: Who do you want to pair up with, what will that ideally look like, and what compromises need to be made so that you’re both able to feel like your needs are being met? And from the 22nd to June 3, Mercury backs up through your sixth house of daily routine and wellness, nudging you to reassess your everyday hustle. It’s possible that you’ve taken on too much lately (which would be no surprise as someone ruled by go-big-or-go-home Jupiter), and now you have the opportunity to zero in on the endeavors that are truly worth your time. You may realize that by deciding to hard pass on anything that’s not in line with your long-term wishes, you’ll feel even more fulfilled and successful — on a day-to-day basis.

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