Libra – Mercury Retrograde Horoscope

Mercury’s retrograde kicks off in your ninth house of higher learning and adventure, from May 10 to 22, which could spur more self-reflection around your big picture philosophies and personal growth. You might feel like you need to reprioritize eye-opening experiences like travel or you want to brush up on your skillset so that you can be positioned to advance your career. All of this could feel equally inspiring and like a lot to wrap your head around, which is why this moment was made for slowing down and pinpointing what’s really worth exerting your energy on now. And as the trickster planet backs up into your eighth house of intimacy from May 22 to June 3, you’ll be focused more on joint resources and your comfort level with the give-and-take within your closest bonds. If it feels like there’s been a lack of reciprocity between you and your S.O., a dear friend, or a loved one, you could be rehearsing how you want to broach the subject. And once you tune into your intuition, you could realize that now may actually be the best time to share exactly how you feel and work toward a resolution.

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