Taurus – Sun in Virgo Horoscope

Is it lust or love, Taurus? Keep this question in mind since the Virgo sun will ignite a spark in your fifth house of pleasure, romance, and sex. As the old saying goes, “Mercury Rx brings back the ex”! You may find yourself thinking about a former flame throughout Virgo season. The temptation to reconnect will be everywhere, especially if you’re social media stalking them or thinking about them more often than usual. But before you pull the trigger on that perfectly crafted text that will surely grab their attention, you should consider what kind of aftermath reconnection may entail. No hard feelings, but there’s a reason why it didn’t work out with them the first time (or the second time or the third time). Wait until the sun in Virgo conjuncts Mercury retrograde in Virgo if you need cosmic clarity on what you should do. A serendipitous sign may come up during this conjunction!

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