Venus in Taurus Horoscopes – March 16, 2023

Venus in Taurus Horoscopes – March 16, 2023

From March 16th – April 10th, 2023, cue the old-fashioned love songs. As Venus enters Taurus, romance moves to a gentler tempo. When the planet that rules relationships and beauty slow-dances through this steady, sensual sign, consistency becomes our best courting strategy.

The sign of the Bull isn’t so interested in fleeting flings or flirtatious banter, but rather, is deeply intrigued by commitment. Over the next few weeks, the recipe for romantic bliss is: quality time + dedicated presence = matches made in heaven.

Take advantage of this transit’s slow burn magic by focusing on the people and passions that have already captured your attention for the long haul — or that you want to cultivate a lasting bond with. Think: longtime best friends, beloved family members, and potential love interests who help you feel grounded and secure.

Don’t forget to pamper your senses, too. Taurus is ruled by Venus, meaning that it loves to love here, and adores being treated to a taste of luxury. Pencil some languorous dinner dates, relaxing hot tubs, or yin yoga sessions into your schedule. One of this placement’s best secrets is that making time to release tension helps all your connections blossom naturally.

When Venus eases into this fixed sign, routines and expectations fulfilled can become more pleasing than usual. But a word of caution: resist holding on too tightly to the way things are. Intimate connections are meant to go through organic cycles of growth and change. Clinging too hard to one way of relating because it’s familiar can prevent exquisite new potentials from actualizing. Practice releasing outdated ways of connecting now and again so vibrant styles of intimacy can emerge.


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