Libra – Venus in Taurus Horoscope

As Venus enters Taurus, the focus turns to your intimate entanglements. Emphasis on “entanglements.” Anywhere you’re mixing money, fusing feelings, or even sharing song lyrics with another, it’s time to focus.

The planet of love in this grounded earth sign prefers simple requests to complex negotiations. Take time to tune into your worth, in the boardroom or over the breakfast table. Ask yourself: What do I really need here to thrive? Whether it’s a protective clause in a contract or more pantry space, communicate your request with clarity.

Honoring your value with others helps keep potentially sticky bonds running smoothly. Often it’s the simple truths that resonate in our bones that most need to be articulated. Doing so will rewrite the blueprints of your collaborations equitably and give your connections a strong foundation from which to soar.

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