Cancer – Venus in Taurus Horoscope

As Venus enters Taurus, you find the most joy by tending to your friendships and communities. The planet of love in this fixed sign knows that we don’t need to be constantly chasing the thrill of new connections. We can cultivate steady depth with the people already blessing up our lives.

Best friend from elementary school? Give them a call. Neighbor of ten years? Offer to assist them with chores. Even a simple check-in or offer of assistance can go a long way toward solidifying a bond.

Getting involved in community initiatives is another way of feeling the love. After all, even if you haven’t participated in a food drive or political organizing meeting before, these collectives have still been humming along behind the scenes, offering their support to the greater web.

Grounding your affections in practical actions right now will help you build connections that can last.

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