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Aries- Mercury Retrograde Horoscope

From May 10 to 22, messenger Mercury will move backward through your third house of communication, which could make this particular phase of the transit like a retrograde on steroids. Not only could all your tech be glitchier than usual, but misunderstandings might abound. You’ll want to do your best to work on patience and diplomacy, which, yes, is challenging even when everything isn’t going haywire around you. But there’s a silver lining: The third house also involves short-distance travel, siblings, coworkers, and your local community, so you might find it easier to revisit a beloved road trip destination or reconnect with people you’ve been missing lately. And once Mercury backs up into your second house of income — where it was in mid-April — you’ll be reassessing how you’re bringing your skills to the table on the job and whether or not you’re been valued as much as you believe you should be. It could be time to switch things up, whether that means raising your rates with your clients or looking for a new opportunity.

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