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Capricorn – Weekly Love Horoscope

You are building a strong sense of self this month and determined to make your dreams a reality. There are no shortcuts for you right now. The patience you are developing is profound. Tap into your creative potential this week and see what happens. You are feeling optimistic about the rest of the year, and the new moon on the thirtieth will amplify that.

On May 31, you could receive a nice indication that people have a newfound respect for you. Your standards are becoming higher, and the people around you want to jump on board your vehicle to success. This will give you the help you need to accomplish your goals, it takes a village, and yours is rapidly growing.

Your attraction skills do not just stop at work. Many people have their eyes on you. Keep an eye out on the thirty-first for any flirty vibes. Your presence can be intimidating, so soften your approach and open up the space for romance. Get creative with your partner this week and try a new recipe in the kitchen or take a workshop together. Balancing your creative self and boss self will give you more momentum in your daily life.

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