Capricorn – Weekly Love Horoscope

This week’s energy is perfect for breaking relationship patterns that may have burned you in the past, giving you an opportunity to turn a new leaf within future relationships. Take some time to think about what your deal breakers are when it comes to future mates, and don’t feel bad if it inspires you to cut ties with anyone who has shown an interest in you recently. If you do end up saying goodbye to a potential mate or two, just look at it as making room for someone better to come in.

The last quarter moon on June 10 brings a frenetic energy to your life, meaning that your social media, email, and text messaging inboxes will see a lot of activity over the next several weeks. However, this planetary placement also loves boundaries, giving you full permission to block, mute, and unfriend anyone that leaves you feeling uninspired.

The lunar energy will share a connecting aspect with Neptune, which could create anxiety around your love life. Try to focus on yourself right now, and be sure to reach out to a friend or two if you need advice.

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