Sagittarius – Weekly Love Horoscope

You’re in a good place right now, dear Archer. You’re able to focus on self-love rather than seeking approval from others. The beginning of the week will bring good times and cheer your way as the cosmic energy inspires you to get out, embrace your friendships, and seek new experiences. Finding someone to couple up with won’t be such a priority right now, though there’s always the possibility that someone could pop into your life unexpectedly.

Things will quiet down at the end of the week when Saturn and Mars connect, putting you in a quieter, more internal place. This aspect can help you unpack relationship baggage from the past, but you’ll want to make sure you’re being gentle with yourself while releasing any lingering pain from yesterday’s loves.

Love and money-oriented Venus and Uranus align later in the day, shifting your focus toward money matters and personal security. You’re one of the luckiest members of the zodiac, which means love could manifest for you at any time. Right now, it’s important that you focus on yourself and build up your dreams as an independent person.

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