Leo – Weekly Love Horoscope

With the sun as your planetary ruler, you always ebb and flow with the seasons, taking on whatever energy this luminary is placed under. With Gemini season in full swing, you’ll be in the mood to celebrate life while embracing fun. These vibes will place you as the life of any party, which can help you gain the attention of potential mates. Try to get out whenever possible, and be sure to send a few flirty looks at anyone who catches your attention.

A huge shift will occur on the fourth when the moon moves into stoic Capricorn. You may find it harder to connect with people on a deeper level over the next several weeks, as this planetary placement can cause people to put up walls. Don’t take it personally if you suddenly feel like the world has gone cold. Things will warm up sooner than later.

The Aquarius moon on the seventh and eighth will bring out people’s chatty sides once again, giving you a chance to break through any obstacles that have entered your relationships. Just try not to stress about matters of the heart since an unbalanced aspect between the moon and Venus could send you spiraling if you cannot keep a laid-back disposition.

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