Leo – Weekly Love Horoscope

The week ahead will be very intense for your love life—to say the least. February 24’s full moon in Virgo is pushing you to stand up for yourself. If there are any repressed emotions that you’ve held in, they might come out in the open at this time—especially when the moon aligns with your sun on February 21 and Mercury enters Pisces on February 22.

Truth be told, you want your partner or crush to know exactly how you feel, so all the good, the bad, and the ugly could come out at this time—especially when Venus and Mars align on the twenty-first. Therefore, it’s important not to share what goes on behind private doors because it’ll leave you susceptible to outside criticism and judgment of your partnership. You’ll want to consider keeping matters about your situationship quiet while you work things out or go your separate ways. The good news is that you’re more open to having hard conversations and listening now.

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