Pisces – Weekly Love Horoscope

Your love life will be romantically charged during the first half of the week, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to smooth sailing. As the moon makes its way through Gemini and then Cancer, you’ll likely feel as though your crush is being inconsistent with you, which will drum up feelings of uncertainty and perhaps a touch of insecurity. It’ll be important to give people the benefit of the doubt right now. However, if you’re still feeling confused by the end of the week, try moving on toward greener, more stable pastures.

The Venus and Uranus connection on the thirtieth will be especially profound for you, and your psychic senses will get a huge boost. The spiritual sector of your chart will be activated by this lunar event. So, you’ll want to set intentions around the type of partner you’re looking for. Writing out a list of qualities you hope to find in a mate can help you pull that energy in, especially if you light a few candles and meditate on these desires before calling it a night.

Communicative Mercury will amplify your intuition over the next several weeks. Pay attention to your dreams, ask the universe for guidance, and try to fit in some extra meditation sessions throughout the month, and you’re sure to gain insight into what the universe has in store for your love life.

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