Pisces – Weekly Love Horoscope

With the full moon on April 5 exhausting your mind and intensifying romance, you may seek refuge in your home with your partner or cuddle up with your crush in bed. Frivolity is not the vibe this week. Instead, you are opting to connect in a one-on-one manner. This means disconnecting from the world and only focusing on the person in front of you.

Your friends may miss your company but will understand that you’ve been prioritizing your relationship. You may feel as though you are sacrificing yourself at times, but remember you are investing your energy to create something beautiful and magical with the person you love.

If you are single and starting to have feelings for someone, you may feel like hiding your feelings away. Don’t keep your heartfelt sentiments silenced. Allow yourself to speak up and be heard by sending them a sweet text or flirtation via meme to show your interest.

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