Taurus – Jupiter in Taurus Horoscope

Welcome to your once-in-12-year cosmic pick-me-up. That’s right, the fairy godmother of the solar system is blessing your sign for the next year, nurturing your dreams and sense of self. Jupiter in Taurus is here to remind you how delicious it feels to say yes unequivocally to yourself, your needs, and your hopes.

Jupiter keeping you company in your personal life is like being led to your own secret garden that’s there for you whenever you need to sit for a while and catch your breath. In Taurus, Jupiter is invested in helping you feel safe, protected, and energized.

So, dream big. Dream wild. Grow your connection to the earth beneath you. Prioritize your pleasure and delight. And know that the planet of abundance is in your corner.

Put yourself out there or simply sit back and watch the roses grow. There’s no way to do this wrong. Jupiter is here to replenish your system over the coming year, and that reset will produce ripple effects for years to come.

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