Pisces – Jupiter in Taurus Horoscope

When Jupiter enters Taurus on May 16th, it super-sizes ease in your schedules and exchanges. This is all about connecting with what feels nourishing in your days — at your own pace.

For the next year, unrushed pleasure is paramount for you. Savor the way the sun warms your face. Take your morning tea or coffee with a newspaper rather than your work inbox. Pick yourself roses.

One of the most potent blessings this year will be discovering that your faith in life magnifies the more you engage mindfully with your days. Schedule more time for the interactions that fill you up, whether that’s cuddles with your fur-friend or dissecting your favorite shows with your local barista.

Throughout all of this, remember: your days are yours to fill you up, delight you, and bring you pleasure. This is your year to nurture a fertile foundation from which to grow.

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