Virgo – Jupiter in Taurus Horoscope

Jupiter in Taurus is waltzing into your long-term plans. Here, the planet of plenty wants you to dream boldly when it comes to your future. Think of Jupiter as your ultimate hype person, there to give you the green light to set your adventures in motion.

From now until May 2024, Jupiter offers an unequivocal yes to your grandest plans. Whatever you envision, Jupiter wants to give you a boost, offer you a ride, and lend you a map to get there. Because Jupiter in Taurus loves the luxurious things in life, this is also an opportunity to consider the ways in which your long-term plans prioritize you feeling nourished.

Dig into what’s inspiring your five-year-goals, why you believe in them, and what it means for you to honor those calls. Remember though, your path of studying, traveling, and asking life’s big questions can include you taking generous rest stops along the way.

From now until May 2024, live the questions you seek answers to. Ponder whether the destination is really what you’re after, or if what happens along the way is what reconnects you to your purpose.

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