Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

This week, you’re in high demand.

The week begins on Sunday, October 2, with Mercury going direct in Virgo. There’s also a second quarter moon in your own sign of Capricorn and house of personal charisma. Today, you are more dazzling than usual, and others around you notice. Capricorn, it’s possible you’re the center of attention (even if you don’t want to be). A friend might introduce you to an influencer or fix you up on a blind date. Or you could introduce your dating partner to friends and family for the very first time. All eyes are on you. Today, you command the attention of the room.

On Thursday, October 6, the sun in Libra and your house of career makes a quincunx to the North Node in your house of creativity. Today, you could be bored at work as you focus on the same old projects and the pressure of deadlines. Capricorn, you might want to change things up by looking at how you can automate a system or streamline a process to make it go more quickly. If you’re very bored, you might update your resume, refresh your employment profile and reach out to colleagues who have moved to other companies.

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