Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

This week, you’re coming together with like-minded people.

The week begins on Sunday, October 2, with Mercury going direct in Virgo. There’s also a second quarter moon in Capricorn and your house of contracts and agreements. Now that Mercury has started to move forward, you might be itching to sign an agreement. This could be for employment, a large purchase or maybe a membership in a professional organization. Scorpio, this is also a good time to look at complex financial records and prospectuses. Something that you couldn’t make heads or tails of before now seems simple and straightforward.

On Thursday, October 6, the sun in Libra and your house of secret romance makes a quincunx to the North Node in your house of relationships. You might want to add an element of intrigue to your love life. Scorpio, you might steal away with your sweetheart to an out-of-the-way restaurant and pretend that it’s some sort of illicit affair. A little role-playing could be quite fun right now. This is also a good time for a couples massage, especially the sensual kind with lots of heated oil. This aspect can help bring a little magic to your love life.

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