Virgo Weekly Horoscope

This week, you could dive into love.

The week begins on Sunday, October 2, with Mercury going direct in your own sign of Virgo. There is also a second quarter moon in Capricorn and your house of romance. The past two weeks of Mercury retrograde might have moved your relationship to the tipping point. Virgo, it’s possible you and your sweetheart are ready to take the plunge. You might be diving into the deep end of a committed partnership, possibly living together or even getting engaged.

On Thursday, October 6, the sun in Libra and your house of money makes a quincunx to the North Node in Taurus and your house of personal philosophy. You might be struggling to maintain a minimalist, frugal, low-carbon-footprint lifestyle. Virgo, it’s possible you’re trying to do too much. When you try to buy organic vegetables, they come with plastic labels. Or you pick up some clothes from the thrift shop, but they just don’t fit very well. Consider cutting yourself some slack. It’s great to have causes, but you also need to give yourself credit for trying your best.

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