Sagittarius – Jupiter in Taurus Horoscope

When Jupiter enters Taurus on May 16th, it brings a spaciousness to your work and wellness routines that you probably haven’t experienced in a long time. For the next year, it’s all about investigating — then prioritizing — the rhythms that nourish you.

In Taurus, Jupiter will encourage you to set down the time hacks that might make you more “productive,” but which run your system ragged. Jupiter will magnify your relationship to your time, body, work, and health, and it will nudge you to establish the routines that ground you, fill you up, and bring more ease to your working day.

Tune in to the work opportunities and rejuvenation practices that pull you to them. There are gifts waiting for you in any activity or practice that feels energizing right now.

Jupiter in Taurus is here to show you how much your routines can become lush with ease, steadiness, and replenishment. There is no rushing this process. Simply check in with how you’re feeling, and what your body’s needing, to activate Jupiter’s guidance and support.

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