Taurus Weekly Horoscope

This week, resources become apparent and available.

The week begins on Sunday, May 28, with the sun in Gemini and your house of money making a square to Saturn in Pisces. Slow and steady wins the race. While you might feel like the emphasis right now is on “slow,” this is a good day to look at the progress you’ve made. Taurus, this could be a journey to pay off debt, build a good nest egg, or collect the supplies needed to keep your family secure.

On Thursday, June 1, Mars in Leo and your house of family makes a quincunx to Saturn in Pisces. Taurus, you might try to pull the family together for a meeting so you can all get on the same page. This could be like herding cats. Everybody has their own opinion about what the future should be like. Some might be very optimistic and some far more pessimistic than you imagined. By expressing what you all feel, you can come together as a group.

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