Cancer – Weekly Love Horoscope

You’ll be focused on nurturing yourself more than any romantic connections during the first part of the work week, as the centaur Chiron you to spend some time recharging at home. It’ll be important that you use this energy to practice both emotional and physical self-care, but should you feel the need for some flirty company, offer to host at your place.

You’ll feel a shift on the thirtieth when Mars and Saturn harmonize. After the last few days of relaxation at home, you’ll be in the mood to go out and socialize, which could lead to new and exciting connections later in the day when Venus and Uranus connect. Uncertainties about how your crush feels about you could creep up.

The natural response to these circumstances would be to close off emotionally. However, you risk cutting yourself out of the equation completely. Don’t put too much pressure on your romantic connections as the week comes to a close, but feel free to send a flirty text or invite them out for some fun!

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