Gemini – Weekly Love Horoscope

If life is one big play, your home is the stage poised to showcase your most intense love scenes. Take some time to manicure your personal space on the twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh, as Mercury connects with the healing centaur Chiron and Jupiter. If you’ve practiced poor judgment within past relationships, this energy can bring new perspectives around what went wrong.

Use this lunar event as an opportunity to acknowledge red flags you may have ignored in the past, so you can break any cycles that have been damaging to your love life. Remember that it’s okay to raise your standards and that being selective of who you date doesn’t make you picky or high-strung.

As the week comes to a close, Venus and Uranus connect on March 30, a few hours after Mars and Saturn unite. You’ll likely be a bit quieter and less social than usual over the next several weeks, as this planetary placement asks you to go deep in order to analyze what does and doesn’t constitute a healthy relationship.

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