Taurus – Weekly Love Horoscope

The week will feel light, easy, and romantic as Venus and Uranus connect with your sun on March 30. This energy is great for flirting and sweet connections, but it’ll be important that you set aside some time for self-care and your personal beauty regimes. Circle your calendar, and if you’re overdue for a manicure, facial, or haircut, now would be the time to embrace such luxuries. Surprises within the romance department are sure to manifest during this time.

Whether you’re ghosted by your crush, hear from an ex, or receive an unwanted declaration of affection, pace yourself for things to get a bit weird. This cosmic climate can trigger soulmate connections, but you’ll need to proceed with caution. This energy is all about setting healthy boundaries, so while you may feel an extra zap where matters of the heart are concerned, it’ll be important not to reveal all of your cards at once.

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