Aquarius – Weekly Money & Work Horoscope

Give it your best shot, Capricorn! The beginning of your workweek might be challenging when Mars in Libra opposes Chiron retrograde in Aries on Sunday, September 24. You might be up in the air about progressing professionally, especially if you are preoccupied with personal matters or focusing on your professional past. Although challenging, it might be time to put personal issues aside and lay the past to rest if you want to advance in your career path.

Thankfully, there might be some inspiring conversations regarding your professional trajectory when Mercury in Virgo trines Jupiter retrograde in Taurus the following day. You might even be advised to consider pursuing a talent, hobby, or idea if you are looking for a creative release in your work life. Afterward, the next few days might feel lackluster since the cosmic forecast will not have anything major in it.

However, you can anticipate a dramatic ending to your workweek and a six-month cycle during the full moon in Aries on Friday, September 29. The full moon will act as a reminder to let go of the past and to leave personal issues at the door when you focus on your career path.

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